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Welcome to a counseling practice that specializes in relationships, one that offers solutions and hope with an experienced and insightful therapist.

Counseling can help you learn to resolve your conflicts, reduce your stress and restore hope to your most important relationships!

Relations with others contribute to our emotional well-being and enjoyment of life. Maybe you are frustrated by a relationship with your partner or child. Maybe you struggle in other relationships. You may wonder if it is them or you.

How we react and behave with others is a pattern. Usually we are not even aware of our patterns. We attribute our reactions and behaviors to, “that’s just my personality.”

Relationship counseling brings awareness to those patterns—your own, as well as the other person’s. You can learn to interact harmoniously, and break the cycle of frustration or anger.


Is counseling the right option for you?

Seeking support through counseling and sharing feelings is a struggle for some.

Sometimes people avoid help because they are afraid of being judged, afraid of change, or think their station in life suggests they should be able to figure things out on their own.

Counseling that works begins with an environment of trust, where you can explore the negative patterns that undermine your relationships. Know that frailty is part of being human, and we are all capable of change and emotional healing, even after years of painful patterns.

Sometimes our light goes out,
but is blown again into instant flame
by an encounter with another human being.
— Albert Einstein

AboUt ElizabEth

Elizabeth Goodwin is a Professional Clinical Counselor and works with adolescents and adults, as well as couples and families.

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